New Book Alert: ‘99 Random but Relevant Things’ by Fyras Elsebai

Jukebox Times is today featuring a book by author Fyras Elsebai. The book is titled “99 Random but Relevant Things: A versatile Book for a versatile Being”. And it talks about 99 different thoughts that encompass thoughts from the school of philosophy, school of psychology, scientific facts, self-improvement and much more.  

This wonderful book comprises facts, poetry, quotes, theories, self-help tips and vital knowledge! Apart from that the author also provides insights into living a better life and becoming a better human being.

99 random but relevant things

About the book: “What’s the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable.” “99 Random but Relevant Things…” is a manuscript that encompasses all of which fascinates the human mind. Offering more than just 99 separate thoughts but rather one collective thought concerning all aspects of life. Contributions to this book explore contemporary critical thought from random schools of philosophies to relevant scientific facts, scratching the surface of the ideas, and dilemmas in day-to-day life. The larger scope focuses on the hot topic of self-improvement through a series of motivational quotes and extensive psychological and empirical research. This book presents a combination of subjective and objective views of the different realms of life whose reckoning cuts across the social sciences and the deep question of what it is to be human. By the end of this manuscript, you will be a bit more resilient, sincere, skeptical, poetic, humble, curious, and “99 Random but Relevant Things…” wiser than before.

Fyras Elsebai loves to write. He takes pride in being knowledgeable in all aspects of life; such as philosophies, self-help tips, poetry, science, and more. Fyras is a college graduate who majored in biology and psychology at the University of Staten Island. Fyras loved these two subjects for they combined the factual with the abstract; which is what his book “99 Random but Relevant Things” is all about. He cleverly uses the hard facts of biology to flow into the psychological and philosophical aspects of life’s most prominent and most interesting topics. Fyras goes on to intertwine facts with fiction, love with hate, and skepticism with surety to present a collection of ideas that will make anybody wonder, “what is really going on here?”

“Reading is power; Become powerful!” -F.E

99 Random but Relevant Things: A versatile Book for a versatile Being is now available on Amazon!

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