Young Stars Shine in Compelling Short Film “Our Broken Family”

Our Broken Family

The highly talented and charismatic child actors Artem Oskolovich, Nastya Oskolovich, and Mia Oskolovich captivate audiences with their remarkable performances in the poignant short film “Our Broken Family” Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Renee Garcia, The film delves into the complexities of a broken family struggling to cope with the aftermath of divorce and the haunting memories of an abusive past.

“Our Broken Family” follows the story of Alina, portrayed by the talented Paige Cato, and her children: teenage son Roman, played by Artem Oskolovich, teenage daughter Anna, portrayed by Nastya Oskolovich, and kindergartner daughter Nadia, brought to life by the adorable Mia Oskolovich. As the family grapples with their parent’s divorce, they confront the resurfacing dark memories of their mother’s abusive marriage to their bipolar father, Daniel.

The exceptional performances delivered by Artem, Nastya, and Mia bring authenticity and emotional depth to their respective characters. Their ability to convey the complexities of their roles and elicit genuine empathy from the audience is a testament to their remarkable talent and dedication to their craft. Despite their young age, these prodigious actors showcase maturity and an innate understanding of the human experience, leaving an indelible impression on viewers.

In addition to the talented cast, “Our Broken Family” benefits from the expertise of its producers, Elena Oskolovich and Adriana Kostetska. With their creative vision and unwavering commitment to storytelling, Oskolovich and Kostetska have successfully crafted a cinematic gem that resonates with audiences on a profound level. Their collaboration with the director and the cast has resulted in a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant film that tackles important themes with sensitivity and authenticity.

Artem Oskolovich, Nastya Oskolovich, and Mia Oskolovich are no strangers to the world of entertainment. Their joint YouTube channel, Nastya Artem Mia, boasts an incredible 5 million subscribers and has amassed over 5 billion views across their 400+ original episodes. Their captivating content, available in 12 different languages and spanning 17 YouTube channels, has resonated with audiences around the globe, earning them a dedicated fanbase of over 15 million subscribers.

With their transition from online content creation to the world of acting, Artem, Nastya, and Mia prove their versatility and talent extend beyond the digital realm. Their outstanding performances in “Our Broken Family” showcase their ability to bring complex characters to life and captivate audiences with their remarkable screen presence.

“Our Broken Family” is set to captivate viewers worldwide, shedding light on the profound impact of divorce and the struggles faced by broken families. The exceptional talent of Artem Oskolovich, Nastya Oskolovich, and Mia Oskolovich, combined with the creative vision of Elena Oskolovich and Adriana Kostetska, elevates the film to new heights, making it a must-watch for audiences seeking powerful storytelling and exceptional performances.

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