Erik Knear: A Review In Music

It isn’t often you come across a great musician and Erik Knear is no exception. His music never ceases to fill us with awe. His awe full songs stand out from the musical greats and his infectious melodies are hard to overlook.

Erik Knear is an extra-ordinary songwriter from California (USA). His musical style is forged with great ideas and garnished creativity.

His recent accolade as Peep Hole Magazine’s “Man of the Year” is a testament to his musical career.

Even so, Erik doubtfully says, “I have been struggling to make my mark in the music industry for years. Sometimes it feels like nothing much will come of it and I wonder if I should keep going.”

We’ve tossed out the idea that he should continue making music because we feel Erik is bound from greatness.

We are certain Erik Knear’s music will wear the test of time and we anticipate his finished work.

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