Artist Spotlight: A Deeper Dive into the Artistic Journey of Ranier Acosta!

Ranier Acosta

Jukebox Times had the unique opportunity to engage in a conversation with the multifaceted artist, Ranier Acosta. This enlightening dialogue offered us a window into his artistry, his future endeavors, and a myriad of other fascinating aspects of his journey!

Q. Welcome to Jukebox Times! Your next show Twelfth Night will be touring around LA and OC for the whole summer. How do you prepare for the intense schedule of a traveling theater production?

After rehearsals and constant runs of the show, I am ready for anything. We can even do it in Japan, and I’ll be just as ready. Because that’s how my school prepared me. I was trained to be able to do anything that’s in my skill set. I also like driving a lot so I look forward to meeting these new places to perform.  

Q. You’ve had great success both in theater and in film. Do you see yourself favoring one medium over the other in the future?

For sure. Film has always been my preference. It’s quicker than theater, the payoff is better and my whole family is actually able to see it, unlike theater. My family also happens to be movie fanatics, so I automatically will prefer films.

Q. What’s your dream role or project that you haven’t yet had a chance to work on?

I have two. A superhero movie. I grew up with superhero movies like Xmen and Spiderman, which are the main reasons why my mom brought me to the theaters but I also played a lot of superhero video games and read some comics. I don’t necessarily have to play a superhero, I would love to also play a villain or anti-hero. Second one is Tony Montana. I love Scarface and that role has always been so fun to play, so if they ever make a remake or something from that universe, I’d love to audition and possibly have that role, if I’m good enough.

Ranier Acosta

Q. When you approach a new role, what are some of the key steps in your process to truly embody the character?

I tend to use Uta Hagen’s six steps. They’ve always worked the most for me out of every other technique but also biographies. I write biographies about the roles that I do so I have the answer to anything related to the character if I get asked. And if it’s not given to me, I make it up in a way that fits the character. After that, is just living like him under his circumstances and clothes.

Q. As an actor with such a varied skillset, what advice would you give to aspiring actors who are just starting out in their careers?

Be patient and train. You don’t have to go to college for it but try to take masterclasses and seminars or get a mentor to train you because you need it. Patience is key here. This career is a marathon, not a race and people say it all the time but it’s so true. You’re not going to get everything in a matter of months unless you’re very lucky. Also, don’t compare yourself to anyone. That might be my biggest one other than patience. You’re not like anyone else, so your journey is not going to be like anyone else’s either.

Q. Is there a particular actor or actress who has had a significant influence on your acting career? If so, could you tell us how they have inspired or shaped your work?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Christian Bale. They take on roles that are exactly the type of roles that I’m interested in, but also they transform into their roles which is something that I’ve always admired and taken from them. I also do a lot of eye acting which is something that Jake Gyllenhaal does a lot and I kind of use him as a mentor in that specific sense.

Q. Your diverse range of skills is truly extraordinary. How do you feel this wide skill set sets you apart in the industry, and could you share an experience where a specific skill unexpectedly elevated a performance?

Thank you for the compliment. I really appreciate it. It helps a lot, because a lot of times when auditioning for things, because of the skill set in my resume they tend to ask me if I do this and how long I’ve done it for, etc. And I believe it’s one of the biggest reasons why I book some of these gigs. Yes, the looks and acting chops help, but having that extra skill set always gives me the upper hand when it comes to competition. The biggest example that always happens is my stage combat experience. That always elevates my performances immensely and helps me in booking gigs too.

Q. As an artist of your caliber, you’ve undoubtedly left a significant impact on your audience. Can you share a memorable moment when you realized the extent of your influence?

The aftermath. The way people approach me and talk to me about it even months after I did it is insane. I never knew things on a smaller scale like this are able to impact so much. It makes me feel good about myself because it shows me that what I’m doing is not only for me but also for other people. Family, friends, my country, and even people that I don’t know. It really does motivate me a lot.

Q. Looking ahead, what are some of your future goals for your acting career and your work with Great Cinema Alliance?

Book a protagonist, supporting or antagonist role in a feature film (that is going to be shown worldwide). That’s been my goal since I started, because I want to give that joy to my parents and family that they get when they see a movie with Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, etc. I want to be the biggest star the Dominican Republic has ever had. And for GCA, we plan to get up there with companies like A24 and Seven Bucks Productions. But as I said, patience is key.

As our engaging tête-à-tête with the prodigious Ranier Acosta concludes, we’re left in awe of his vibrant journey, one filled with intrigue and relentless passion. Stay tuned, for the compelling narrative of this gifted artist is far from over—it’s merely the opening act in a grand and unfolding artistic symphony.

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