Dom Okon Discusses Youth Organization; Calmly Advice

Calmly Advice

Dom Okon is a musical artist-entrepreneur who started developing music from the age of 16. He’s well respected with one album currently out by the name of Youthly. When he’s not creating music he is advocating for mental health. Spreading awareness for the important topic through his youth organization (created in March 2022). In the words of Okon, “Calmly Advice’s goal is to spread mental health awareness, with teens being the driving force behind the program.”

Since the launch of the organization many teens have listened to the program’s Spotify playlist (filled with calming songs), have become immersed with all things Mental Health, and have even become writers, youth ambassadors, and chapter leaders for the nonprofit. Dom Okon is happy with Calmly Advice’s success and hopes it continues to grow and spread awareness for mental health for all students, teens, and in general just people around the world.

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