Featured: Artist Tupperwave’s new album ‘Marina Forever’

Jukebox Times is today featuring the new album by artist Tupperwave. It is titled “Marina Forever.” The album comprises of 11 marvelous tracks. Blue Sky is stunning and sounds wonderful. Timeless is riveting and provides a retro vibe. Whereas Esplanade has a unique arrangement with surreal vocals. Kirra Sunset has exotic beats and the guitar work is subtle yet phenomenal. Deep Brown (our favorite!) starts with enticing beats and has an impressive progression. Lighthouse takes us on a journey into the 80s! And This Is It is powerful and a great song to end the album. It is a sheer treat to listen to this album in one sitting.

“Marina Forever” is an enthralling journey of varied soundscapes and captivating melodic structures. Artist Tupperwave really showcases true versatility through this album. We highly recommend this album if you’re looking for a sublime yet delightful music experience!

About the Artist: Tupperwave is a Brisbane-based Future Funk & Vaporwave Artist.

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