The Puzzles Project Album is finally OUT NOW!

We are pleased to announce the release of the album “The Puzzles Project”, launched by Filomena Vicerè, the mastermind behind the album and sung by Suhasini.


A real puzzle that includes single interconnected tracks. A project that offers a new possibility of communication, in a nice and imaginative way, in this period of strong emotional crisis. In fact, everything stems from the historical period we are experiencing, when the author begins to write her emotions in an old notebook. Each piece is a free expression of thoughts given by the experience of everyday life, in search of truth. The intent is to tell without filters and with a little imagination what happens in the human soul, adapting pieces of songs to strong emotions. The author intends to represent her own vision of life that can maybe be found in each of us.

The songs of the Puzzles Project were born from personal experiences that were later reflected on and then transformed into their musical counterparts. Each song and lyric was sung by vocal pop artist Suhasini with a complete sense of freedom and will evoke in listeners the idea of ​​exploring the world and solving the puzzle of life.

The Puzzles Project includes six singles written by Filomena which will be available on April the 29th on the mainstreaming services: “Imperfections”, “Follia”, “Wild and Scrumptious”, ” Warrior Soul “, “Mystery” and “In Color”. Born in Benevento, Italy, Filomena has always been linked to music in good and bad times. Singer Suhasini, born in New Delhi, grew up listening to Hannah Montana and her music carries healing power. The Puzzles Project is a new attempt to face and explore the infinity that lives in every life. It reveals the irrational aspects of it and takes listeners on a journey to discover individual truth. For all music lovers, the Puzzle Project will be a revelation and experience they maybe never had before. And as Jane Austen put it ‘You can never expect the truth from a group of strictly educated but unimaginative gentlemen.’ Have a good listening.

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