Interview with Comatose Red Ivy

Jukebox Times got a chance to interview Comatose Red Ivy. We talked about her journey as a musician, her source of inspiration and much more!

Q. It’s great to have you here! Could you please tell us about your journey as a musician and how did you embark on this path?

Comatose Red Ivy: Started October 16, 2020. I woke up dead from being poisoned, wanted a microphone, luckily I had ghost there to help me pick out a mic, 2 days later equipment arrived. October 30, 2020 I uploaded my first song and since I have over 600 songs and verified artist around the world. I do mostly hip hop, some punk, R&B and now Country even have a country album going gold.

Q. Please tell us about your recent releases titled “Lost In Space” series.

Comatose Red Ivy: I’ve been a writer for 25 years, I love telling stories and going on adventures, so I decided I’m going to start making little Eps usually about 5 tracks that take the listener on a journey one through 5 as we venture to see or do whatever the story as I rap along or sing the story, whichever, just for fun.

Q. Where do you find your inspiration and what inspires you to make such amazing experimental music?

Comatose Red Ivy: My heart, my heart and I are striving for happiness and my heart has me making all this music, I’m hoping it is to eventually bring us peace and comfort.

Q. Who are your biggest influences in music?

Comatose Red Ivy: Kurt Cobain, Maynard James Keenan, Marilyn Manson, Mac Miller, Randy Travis, Hank Williams Jr, Violent Femmes, Local H, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift and ALL local talents from all over the world.

Q. What’s next? What projects are you working on now?

Comatose Red Ivy: Working on an EP for 420. Yeah, that’s April 20 ya know smokers delight paradise crazy hazy days, smoke the purp dayz. I’m actually uploading it now, it’ll drop 4-20-2021; all for potheads and hippies, all fun and funny tracks, it’ll be everywhere there is music.

Also working on another story, this time we are Out west in the old West, I won’t say any more about it right now. I have my 7th Hip-Hop Studio Album done, “Prodigious Savant”  gonna upload it soon, I’m buttoning up my second country album too, haven’t named the album, have a few options I’m working with though.

 Q. Lastly, do you have any closing thoughts that you would like to share with our readers?

Comatose Red Ivy: I make hip-hop and Country music, have a few punk songs, some rock songs and do whatever my heart wants, so I recommend doing that, follow your hearts, stay true to you and love true and thru, Love the Love You Have, this is Comatose Red Ivy Cyanide Psyche, love y’all but I hate me.

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