Featured: Split Persona’s New Stunning EP!

Jukebox Times is today featuring the new EP by Split Persona. It is titled “Split Person EP” and comprises of wonderful tracks like Stay Away, All Us Three, Melted Clocks, Keep It and Strawberries.

Stay Away is peppy and powerful. Whereas Melted Clocks is a riveting song with an enthralling arrangement and superb guitar work. Keep It has a wonderful blend of drums and guitar. Strawberries (our favorite!) is mesmerizing and provides a wonderful creative break when compared to their previous compositions! Zander Hoschak their frontman sounds magnificent. Darren Menning and Brogan Kelley are impressive on their guitars whereas Mike Patterson on drums adds vital rhythm in all of the songs.

Overall, it is a well-crafted and impactful EP by Split Persona.

“We developed our vibe from different influences such as Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Van Halen and many others,” Zander says. “Darren and I went into the recording process of the EP with the songs I had already written to get a start on the band. Since its release, though, the band has spent more time writing together and developing the sound and overall vibe that is Split Persona today. I think the EP marked a new beginning to a band full of new soundscapes and personalities both musically and professionally. We push each other to be better and work harder, which opens new venues for creativity. We don’t fit in a specific genre, which we like. Keep developing and keep them guessing.”

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