Featured Book: Last Temptation by Sloane Virago

Last Temptation is ultimately a romance between Daemon and Esperanza, but the story starts with Esperanza, Peter and Jacob, who are all college-aged, childhood friends. When Jacob doesn’t know what to do after graduation, Daemon ends up appearing in their lives and encouraging Jacob to go down the wrong path. Meanwhile, Peter is finally getting a chance with his childhood crush, Esperanza.

Unfortunately, life ends up getting in the way. Esperanza is left alone, and Daemon appears at a pivotal moment for her. As she falls more in love with the bad boy, she has to decide the extent that she would be willing to go for love. What does it mean to be true to yourself and a good person? Likewise, is Daemon willing to give up his one divine mission in life in order to be with the only woman he has ever cared for?

A decade ago, Sloane Virago moved to Taiwan to teach English. After a year apart, she realized that she couldn’t stay away from the love of her life any longer. She flew home on Valentine’s Day to surprise him, but the surprise was on her. He proposed that day, and they’ve been together ever since. Today, Sloane spends her time writing novels and hiking with her husband and son. Last Temptation is her debut novel.

Getting to this point has taken years of practice and discipline. I used to have a lot of problems with focusing, but now I just sit down and do it. Like anything, writing and discipline just take practice.

– Sloane Virago

Last Temptation is now available on Amazon!

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