Featured: Big O and P-Rawb’s new album ‘The Complexity’

Jukebox Times is today featuring the debut collaboration album, “The Complexity” from New Jersey/Philly-based artist P-Rawb & London-based American producer Big O.

The amazing artist and producer duo have created a marvelous album with notable tracks like Vertebrea, Keep Mov’n, SoulScape (The Complexity) and Lost My Mind.

Big O

The crispy structure, melodic composition, and alluring beats are amazing in SoulScape (The Complexity). The lyrics and the vocals create a unique vibe in Keep Mov’n. Whereas our favorite track from the album is Vertebrea! It is mesmerizing as it zapped our minds and captivated our hearts! The intro sample and powerful bass blend amazingly. And after that, the track takes us on a wonderful journey!

The Complexity P-Rawb Big O

The exquisite music production and stunning rap are riveting and provide an enthralling feeling when you listen to any of the tracks from this album. The wordplay, the delivery by P-Rawb is fascinating whereas the production by Big O is splendid.

About the album: Four years in the making, the debut collaboration album from New Jersey/Philly-based artist P-Rawb & London-based American producer Big O, “The Complexity,” is finally here! All of the songs on this album are produced by Big O & the mixing is handled by Chris Chase at The Noise Floor except for “Soulscape (The Complexity)” which was mixed by Shane Great & “Good Company” which is mixed by Kevin Carafa.

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Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/PRAWB/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/PRAWB

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/prawb/

Big O:

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/bigrodamous/?hl=en

Twitter – https://twitter.com/BigCapitalO


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