Hyde Out, an indie pop-rock band from London that consists of the super talented duo Omar Merlo and Jaka Levstek, has released a stunning new album titled ‘Smoke and Mirrors.’

The unique style which Hyde Out approaches in this album is riveting. The songs are wonderfully paced with ordered structures of varied instruments. The powerful vocals and zestful melodic moments blend amazingly. And with songs like “This Looks Like,” “Derelict,” and “Smoke and Mirrors,” they sound fresh and authentic to the core.

“Alive” definitely creates wonderment in mind, and also the vocals add surreal smoothness, whereas “Fluent in Silence” invigorates and captivates the listener. “Move It” is intoxicating and sounds exceptional. The duo’s songwriting in “Ode to J” and “Welcome” is exemplary. “Meadvale Road” is peppy and startling with impeccable instrumentation.

The enticing vocals and dreamy chorus in “Island Sunshine” is enthralling. A perfect song to listen to on a long drive in summer! On the other hand, the guitars and rhythms in “Derelict” are fascinating and provides a nostalgic 90s vibe for sure. Whereas in “This Looks Like,” the duo seems to have embarked on an experimental trip with sounds and lyrics. It gives a creative break from the structures utilized in their other songs in the album. The unique tones and sounds in this song add pulses of energy throughout.

Overall, the creative duo Hyde Out shines brilliantly and proves the creative mantra of sound creation quite magnificently in “Smoke and Mirrors.”

They definitely impart indelible experience in the album. Also, the album is quite varied and eclectic. And yes, there’s something in the album for everyone to like. It has an incredible collection and shows the top-tier musicianship of the band.

The official videos of the songs on the album require a special mention too! The concepts conveyed are quite enthralling and amusing. But the “Smoke and Mirrors” video just won our hearts! There is a cute moment where the person showcased as a skeleton sits down after a workout and wipes his sweat with a towel. It is highly recommended to watch that video. The stop motion is catchy, and the overall direction is just brilliant.

About the Album:

Smoke and Mirrors is an eclectic collection of 12 original songs that showcase Hyde Out’s varied influences and creative directions. Individual songs concepts are inspired by selected moments of everyday lives, small realizations, and decisions about our relationships with the people and situations that surround us.

About the band:

As self-described “non-musicians” Hyde Out are looking for untested and novel ways to reboot the sounds that defined their raw musical origins and redefine them in a contemporary way.

In 2018 they recorded their first, self-produced, demo album titled “Technicolour Ghost”, an exploration of their musical histories. Technicolor Ghost brought forth a single, “Nights”, which garnered some positive reviews and radio plays around the world. They ventured forward in the summer of 2020, with a new musical angle. Breaking through the bleakness of the covid-19 epidemic, they collaborated with Italian musicians to produce an EP titled “Chiaraluna”, which achieved some success in Italy and other parts of the world.

That album also marked their first collaboration with Supreme Tracks in New York, who produced it, and that collaboration then lead to the production of their new studio album “Smoke and Mirrors.”

Smoke and Mirrors is currently available on all major streaming services.

Official website: Hyde Out

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