The Lost Gecko To Release Mesmeric Single ‘Brothers’

The Irish folk trio ‘The Lost Gecko’ are back and better than ever with their latest release ‘Brothers’. The band amazingly delve into the historical landscape of County Cork in Ireland, and the presentation of their facts is fed constantly and outstandingly throughout the track. The haunting lyrics carry a heavy meaning, and evoke endless emotions for the families of those in Ireland, and also of those across continents. The storyline of the track can only be described as beautiful, as the trio explain how money was raised by an American Indian tribe to aid starving strangers in Ireland. This is not only a hugely emotive basis for a folk song, but it would surely touch the hearts of all those who were to hear it. The chilling voice of the band can only be distinguished as one of the most attractive aspects of the trinity.

Their overwhelming historical knowledge which they can translate into music is unusual and bold, and tells a tale of hope and compassion. The lyrics beautifully explain the story, and the band’s rare take on music makes it a hit. With the single being the first of many to come, on their new EP ‘Scatterbox’, it will be interesting to see what route they will take with the other tracks.

‘Brothers’ will be released on 30th JUNE.

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The article is written by Meghan Glover.

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