A Brighter Day: James Millier To Release Brand New Single

Millier’s new single ‘Brighter Day’ drops on 2nd July.

You can pre-save it here:

The English alternative country artist, James Millier is back with his newest single ‘Brighter Day’. Having been fortunate enough to start his musical interest from a young age, his experience and wealth of musical ability shines through on this track. Millier’s country and folk tones pair effortlessly with a smooth and calming guitar backing track. The folk undertones are loveable and charming, they wrap you up in their warmth like a blanket of smooth lyrical notes. The undoubtable character that this single presents is very appealing to folk and country lovers. With Millier having dabbled in most sides and genres of music his ability to pull off such a strong folk bases single is astounding. The experience from Millier breaks the mould of other artists in his category, it sets him apart from the rest. The lyrics tell a tale of a breakup leading to better things, leading to a ‘Brighter Day’, this is very enchanting and relatable to most listeners. People love to feel as if the lyrics are explaining their feelings, and this track is very much that. With lines such as ‘What don’t kill you makes you strong’ it is a very empowering single; a single that everyone can understand. Breakup songs are popular, and that definitely puts this song on the way to stardom.

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The article is written by Meghan Glover.

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