Joe Fox & The Frantics Drop Killer Single ‘Smoke Show’

The US indie rock and dance band are back with a new alt-indie hit ‘Smoke Show’ (released May 21st). With roots that scream indie-alternative rock this new track delves deep into the spirit of indie music. With a catchy beat and hefty guitar riffs, this single is on its way to being a 2021 indie hit. The groovy undertones and Joe Fox’s grunge voice pair effortlessly together to provide a fan favourite for the band. With inspirations from the British indie scene, the influences of popular UK bands are definitely present on this track.

Channelling their inner indie, the new single is catchy and up-beat, with a fun, get up and dance nature. Indie music has become super popular over the past decade, and the band are most certainly keeping up with the times. British connotations add to this overwhelmingly beautiful mix of alternative rock and the more up-and-coming side of indie. So, if you’re looking for a new, easy going track, with just the right amounts of indie and rock thrown in the mix, then look no further! This track has it all and will satisfy all your indie needs! This is the indie anthem of a post-pandemic summer, so spice up your summer with this track!

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This article is written by Meghan Glover.

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