The Lost Gecko has recently released a new single: Snowdropping

The Lost Gecko

October 2021 – Emotional, captivatingly personal and spontaneous. These are some of the words that come to mind when describing Snowdropping, the brand new studio single from The Lost Gecko. This Irish trio based in the beautiful city of Cork managed to master the unique art of making music that feels spontaneous, yet catchy and unique at the same time. As an exciting example of The Lost Gecko’s excellent creative output, Snowdropping really stands out as a deft blend of both the familiar and fresh, just enough of the intimate vibes that you expect from an indie-folk group mixed with more cinematic and lush production aesthetics that come through, especially in the form of those big and beautiful piano chords that make the song so utterly special and unique! This music should be your cup of tea if you do enjoy the sound of Coldplay, The Fray, Francis Moon or Five For Fighting, among others! The blend of indie-pop, folky vibes and charming modern sounds define The Lost Gecko’s exciting new formula and vision!

The Lost Gecko

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