UK Talent Jonny Spalding Drops Unforgettable Mixtape ‘Community’

Jonny Spalding

From the fiercely unique ‘Therapy’ with its hypnotic baseline and experimental percussion, to the more sombre ‘Talk’ with the luscious voice of Emma Ballantine (reminiscent of Dido), stopping off at the nightclub-appropriate ‘Hole In My Heart’. Be sure not to miss stand-out track ‘Break Me’ with it’s funky beat and the soulful voice of J Appiah.

What makes ‘Community’ by UK songwriter and producer Jonny Spalding is its sheer boldness. A unique flair for crafting songs that will linger for a long while after first hearing them, it comes as no surprise to hear that Spalding has had many years of experience within the vast melting pot that is the music industry.

Jonny Spalding

Jonny Spalding began his career when he studied Music Composition & Technology in London aged 18, and after graduating went on to play in a mix of cover and original bands for many years, before forming The Kubricks, with some good friends. Now he turns his attention to his solo career, with ‘Community’ being his debut release. It certainly doesn’t disappoint either. You’re sure to find your own favourite track on there, with there being so much to sink your teeth into…

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