Skycabin – Help Me

The genre-bending duo, Skycabin is back with their 5th single HELP ME a fresh new take on the dark pop bracket. An energetic head banger that sews your ears to its sound with melancholic lyrics about vulnerability, carried by an avant-garde music video with captivating visuals. “Help Me” is set to release on July 20th on all streaming platforms.


SKYCABIN with uniquely dark electronics, unusual arrangements and three-dimensional sound designs; defies being boxed into a genre. Accompanied by the ultra-modern visuals and the eclectic narrative in music videos and artworks, Skycabin’s journey is unfolded piece by piece through each release. This brainchild of the California based artists Farbod and Sepand is determined to take over the dark pop scene with a triphop twist.

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