Remayn is back on the scene with a fantastic new release: Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever


September 2021 – Artist and songwriter Remayn knows a thing or two about pouring his heart into his music, and it is exactly what’s happening on his most recent studio release, Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever. This expertly crafted piece of music feels like a very mature studio work, an exciting creative statement from Remayn, who is keen on opening up the boundaries of his vision and keep telling his stories, one song at a time. With so much passion on tap, connecting with the audience is very effortless.

Many artists seem to often get stuck in a single genre, but Remayn is happy to explore and poke his head out of the proverbial window, in order to take a wider glance at a bigger creative landscape. His roots are very clear, as his music focuses on lush indie-folk soundscapes and earnest melodies. However, there is also a deeper musical dimension that incorporates some elements of various other styles, like indie rock. If you like Jeff Buckley, Francis Moon, and Elliott Smith, you should most definitely give Remayn’s music a go, Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever in particular!

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