Don’t miss out on Erik Odsell’s brand new album Human

Erik Odsell

Erik Odsell, the award-winning songwriter and artist, has just dropped his second album Human. 

This stellar release features eight new tracks that show the diversity and innovative flair of the artist.

Human starts with When We Were Beautiful. In this track, Erik has created a multi-layered soundscape that dives into a ton of different themes, covering love, life, and the passing of time. It’s the perfect song to draw in the listener and keep them hooked for the entire album.

Better Off is a fascinating track off the album, as Erik explores new-wave with the 80s inspired synth sound. That’s not to mention the catchy hooks and expressive vocal performance.

To finish off the album, Too Late is an emotive piano ballad that is a stripped-down song that focuses on the quality of Erik’s songwriting and his breathtaking vocal performance.

At the core of it all, Human stands out as an incredibly emotional album, and each song has something special to offer. From modern pop and rock sounds to some revival sounds inspired by the 80s, anything goes here! More than a songwriter, but a natural-born storyteller, Erik Odsell is all about portraying the essence of what it is like to be Human on these amazingly emotional songs!

Listen to Erik Odsell’s new release, Human: 

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Watch the music video for lead track ‘Human’:



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