Cross-Channel Music has recently released a fantastic new project: Butter on Hot Toast

Cross Channel Music

Cross-Channel Music has recently announced a fantastic new release: Butter on Hot Toast. This artist has been growing his fanbase with his excellent take on alt-rock and modern folk-rock music, and it is not surprising to see that this brand new music release is quickly turning heads and pointing people to Cross-Channel Music’s music and artistic excellence. Butter on Hot Toast has a beautiful-sounding production, with a big, multi-dimensional tone that feels incredibly fun and energetic for listeners of all background: you don’t have to be a hardcore indie-folk enthusiast to enjoy this!

Musically speaking, Butter on Hot Toast feels like a step forward for Cross-Channel Music, especially in the way the artist seems to be very confident in his own personality and in his ability to share a powerful story with the audience and connect with people on a much deeper level with his lyrics and musical arrangements alike. Butter on Hot Toast’s sound is indeed very direct and unapologetically raw, echoing the work of influential artists such as Bob Dylan, The White Stripes, John Lee Hooker and Neil Young, but definitely aiming for a more persona and vivacious sound that’s quite special and one-of-a-kind.

Learn more about Cross-Channel Music, and check out Butter on Hot Toast. This release is now available on some of the best digital music streaming services out there as of September 10th, anticipating the artist’s upcoming album, Man in a Dream, which will be available in October.

Stream latest single ‘Butter On Hot Toast’:


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