‘Run Boy Pt. 2’ The Reimagining I Did Not Know I Needed

Not Now Norman

‘Not Now Norman’s’ single ‘Run Boy’ has to be one of my favourite singles of 2021. When I saw that they were reworking the song with guest vocalist Victoria Owsnett, I was apprehensive and excited, but mainly curious. For me the song was already perfect, but if they can throw together a song as incredible as ‘Run Boy,’ I trusted they could handle the reworking of their own material and deliver something completely different from the original. I was correct to trust them, as I think part 2 might be better than part one (without taking any credit from the original).

Both songs have an electro vibe to them, but ‘Run Boy Pt. 2’ kicks that theme into overdrive. It still maintains a hard rock edge but has a trappier beat. Taylor Grace’s vocals are still incredible, and Victoria Owsnett’s guest vocals make a stunning addition that I did not expect or know that I needed. Their vocals blend seamlessly together and make for a stunning duet. The fact that both women suffered at the hands of the same abuser (which is part of the main theme of the track) makes it that much more powerful and meaningful.

This reimagining has me wanting ‘Not Now Norman’ to reimagine all of their incredible tracks. It takes talent to record solid music. It is a gift to be able to rework it into something completely original without losing the integrity of the original.



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