MARQ Electronica has just dropped an exciting new release, Spirit of the Shaman

Marq Electronica

Marq Electronica’s brand new release Spirit of the Shaman delves into atmospheric synth sounds with a layered composition.

Spirit of the Shaman is a nuanced and engaging synth-wave release that dives into 80s revival. What stands out the most about this fresh project is Marq Electronica’s expressive vocal performance. With his powerful and soulful voice, Marq Electronica breathes life into the liberating musical style. This vivid style of performing is reminiscent of legendary singers such as David Bowie. Just like this iconic artist, Marq Electronica is able to effortlessly draw the listener in with his distinctive vocals and stellar production.

The artist has rich experience in the industry, creating and performing music for well over a decade. It’s quite surprising to learn that Marq Electronica is relatively new as a solo artist, and with the support and encouragement from his band members and artistic peers, he is taking the music scene by storm with his limitless creativity and raw natural talent.

In this new release, Marq Electronica draws inspiration from a ton of diverse artists from Daft Punk and Goldfrapp to Missy Elliot and Massive Attack. If you like these artists then you’ll love Marq Electronica’s brand new release!

Don’t miss out on this fascinating new project from Marq Electronica!

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