Martin Aelred Colgan Delivers World-class Album ‘Last Boat To St. Helena’

“Isolation was something I’d never experienced until the evening of March 22 2020 where from my attic studio I could see the searchlights of police helicopters over the Glasgow skyline.” This is Martin Aelred Colgan discussing the conception of his song ‘Last Boat To St. Helena’ which is the eponymous song from his new album.

A stunning curation of 17 tracks, this album is very much something you need to hear. Having written many many songs previously, and also performed as an opera singer, this album is a return to his alternate rock roots, demonstrating his musicianship once more where he has produced, arranged & performed on all tracks.

This is an album that both surprises and turns. There’s a mix of genres such as the sea shanty already mentioned – “Last Boat to St. Helena” – as well as an evocative instrumental tone poem called “Essencia”. Highlights for us include ‘Skydive’, which is a super catchy rock-pop ballad, with brilliant piano and a top vocal melody that will linger long after hearing. There’s also the hypnotising ‘Aurora’, with its waves of classic Spanish guitar. Yes, Colgan is a multi-instrumentalist and an exceptional guitarist. It’s not just the songwriting or the voice, it’s the whole package. Colgan really does have it. Make sure to enjoy this album through a great pair of headphones, speakers, or blasting in the car.

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