Ivy Ash captivates with new single ‘Rain Again’

A charismatic artist with a ton of talent, Ivy Ash is a UK singer-songwriter packing a punch with her music. ‘Rain Again’ is impossible to ignore, with its infectious groove, interweaving melodies and powerful lead vocal. Not only that, but the bittersweet theme will have you thinking as well as dancing. We love that about Ivy – her music isn’t just a pretty face; there’s hidden depth.

Ivy explains, “this song is all about breaking bad habits and finding yourself.” This exhilarating floor-filler focuses on reflection and self-empowerment, accompanied by an energetic and playful music video. She continues, “it’s a bitter-sweet song, like crying and dancing at the same time, but with a glimmer of hope. Every cloud has a silver-lining. That pretty much summarises the way I communicate through music.”

Stream Ivy Ash’s brand new single ‘Rain Again right here’:

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