Featured: Shawn Dulowe’s new single ‘Poppin’ (explicit content)

Artist, Music Producer and Rapper Shawn Dulowe is back with another single release. The single is titled Poppin and is a stunning piece of musical extravaganza. The arrangement is extremely powerful. The melodic tones are riveting with beats that enthrall us. The rhythm and melody blend amazingly. However, the main asset of the single is Shawn’s captivating and passionate delivery. The wordplay showcases the wonderful talent of the artist. He sounds distinct and does create an overall peppy vibe in this single.

With this exquisite single, music lovers would definitely await future releases from the wonderful artist Shawn Dulowe.

Poppin is currently streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Shawn Dulowe is a 19-year-old Rapper, Music Producer, and Audio Engineer. He also owns a label that produces music and provides mixing services to other artists.

To contact the artist for music production and mixing services follow him on his official social media. He also posts regular updates about his future releases:

Instagram | SoundCloud


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