Mark Westberg’s Song ‘Ghost’ Showcases Great Songwriting

Westberg is back with the new single ‘Ghost’, a deep, dark look into the soul of a person who has lived a life that has not always been peaches and cream. The track is relatable in many aspects to all those who have struggled mentally, and the metaphorical look at life does not view it through rose-tinted glasses. The overall emotion is raw on this track. Westberg’s harmonious voice pairs effortlessly with a simple guitar backing. This track focuses on the sound of Westberg’s voice, and their talking-style of singing which is poignant and fresh. Their almost poet-like voice over the guitar tells a vivid story of life, love and loss. A listener would appreciate the lack of over-production, and that this song lays all its cards on the table. The main direction of the single is the message, and music like this is hard to come by in the 21st century. Westberg’s music, drama and art background presents a level of creativity which can be agreed is highlighted throughout the track.

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The article is written by Meghan Glover.

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