Staten Island’s DJ Nicky Rizz who gave us ‘Ay Papi’ and ‘Ay Mami’ is set to Release his Upcoming New Single

Becoming a well-known nightclub DJ and a part of the world-famous Heavy Hitters DJ Crew was not all that DJ Nicky Rizz planned for his career. The young DJ from Staten Island, New York has successfully released two singles in less than two years. Once again, he is back in the studio, working on his third song.

DJ Nicky Rizz is focused on giving his best for the new track and here is what he has to say about it, “I can promise everyone that we are currently working on a new song that will be simply ecstatic. What makes it much special for me is the fact that I will get to play it when I’m in my element, and that is on the stage at a nightclub. The first two singles I released were at a time when there were no parties at nightclubs. This didn’t stop people from dancing to the beats even when they were at home. I cannot share too much about the song as we are keeping things under the radar but rest assured, it will be an absolute banger.”

Information about this upcoming single has been kept confidential for now, but we do know about his first two songs. DJ Nicky Rizz released his first single in 2020 and it was named ‘Ay Papi’. His second song got released in the next year 2021 and was named “Ay Mami”. These were sharing a similar genre, that was ‘Guaracha’. It is a music genre that has originated in Cuba and is very popular in Latin America. The possibility is being speculated that the new song may also be from the same genre. However, it is also possible that DJ Nicky Rizz would try his talent at a different genre this time. One thing is for sure, and it is that it will be something fit for the nightclubs that have now just reopened.

“One thing that I will tell about the new song is the vibe it is going to bring in. The vibe that ‘Ay Papi’ and ‘Ay Mami’ had was to not let the party die. This time, the vibe of the song will be to get the parties started once again like we always used to with me on the stage, killing it,” added DJ Nicky Rizz.

The style that Nicky Rizz has was nurtured by his mentor DJ Camilo and the Heavy Hitters DJ Crew. Nicky showed that he had a knack for being a DJ in his early teenage years. From there on, he was taken under the wings of DJ Camilo who mentored him well enough to be a part of the Heavy Hitters DJ Crew. The release date of the song is not yet announced but it is speculated to be in the next couple of months in 2021.

The new song from the nightclub DJ will be his first single after the pandemic.

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