Featured: Floraphona’s new single titled ‘Storm’

Jukebox Times is today featuring the new single by Floraphona. The single is titled “Storm” and is a stunning journey into exotic sounds. The overall structure is quite experimental with ethereal music. The arrangement is extremely well-paced with subtle transitions which enthrall the listeners! The single ends with a rain sound which sums up the story of the entire single.

The vocals by River Jean is the main highlight of the single. The captivating voice of River Jean drives our soul into the deep abyss of our hearts.

Floraphona is well-known for singles like “Mixture” and “Verdant.” The short music movie featuring these singles will be released in the summer. Her debut EP titled “One of Us” is already streaming on all major music streaming services.

Floraphona is a musical concept by vocalist and producer River Jean.

For details about future releases follow the artist on her official social media:

Linktree | Instagram | YouTube

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