Let Strange Souvenirs surprise you

Enigmatic duo Strange Souvenirs have recently released their new single ‘Nothing2’.

The band, together with producer and creative collaborator Cameron James Laing turned a downtrodden demo into something melancholy, majestic … and a little bit mental.

The chord progression is full of suspense, and this is reflected in the eery piano and guitar melodies too. The vocal acts as a counter-melody which floats above the music, like a prophet’s voice. There is something very The Beatles-esque about this track which is built, above all, on solid songwriting. The sound of the French horn is a refreshing musical addition that is rarely heard today. The glorious synth textures add a sharp electronic edge to the track. This glorious mesh of acoustic and electro is very unique to the Berlin-based duo who have gifted us this hidden gem.

‘Nothing2’ was recorded, produced & mixed at The Famous Gold Watch Studio Berlin and features performances by a handful of charismatic & capable Berlin-based musicians and artists. In stores and streaming on digital platforms now!


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