K.W. Beasley releases new book ‘I Got What I Wanted’

I Got What I Wanted is a new book by K.W. Beasley. The book contains post-apocalyptic journals left behind by one of the few survivors in this new world!

Follow the post-apocalyptic journals left behind by one of the few survivors in this new world. The year is 2019, and many people have chosen to get microchipped to help track their health and vital personal information. Unknowingly, those poor souls were also getting a little something extra buried deep inside them. Join Wade, his wife Ashley, and their Yorkie-poo Lila as they navigate this new fast changing world that will only be kind on the prepared. Many people think they are ready and prepared for disaster, and many more even want things to go crazy to release us from the rules of society. What would you do when something catastrophic actually does happen? What would you do when you get what you asked for?

About the Author:

K.W. Beasley is a previous history teacher and lover of everything apocalypse. He is currently working in his second favorite field of construction after doing an 8-year tour in the classroom teaching social studies to high schoolers. He has four degrees with the latest one being a doctorate in educational leadership. He values education and learning above all else and loves being able to teach something to someone who genuinely wants to learn.

The book is currently available on Amazon: I Got What I Wanted

Barnes and Noble: I Got What I Wanted

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