‘Forget Me’ a riveting new single by Eva Constance!

Jukebox Times is today featuring the riveting new single by artist Eva Constance. It is titled “Forget Me” and is a real stunner! The melodic structure is peppy and upbeat. The arrangement in the track is quite impressive. The beats are enthralling and it seems this would be a hit dance number!

Eva Constance sounds superb and powerful. Especially when she sings “forget Me… forget me.” The storytelling in the single is amazing. Overall, Eva Constance once again delivers an intoxicating single which will stay on the mind of the listeners for a long time.

Eva Constance is well-known for her single “Selfish” and ” You’re Mine.” 

About the artist: Chanteuse Green, known professionally as Eva Constance was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut and started singing at the age of 6 in the church choir. She is currently an unsigned and independent artist but has received multiple offers from record labels for representation. 

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