Featured: Artist AKLOCO and his single ‘New People, Old Lines’ (explicit content)


Jukebox Times is today featuring artist AKLOCO and reviewing his single. It is titled “New People, Old Lines” and is a captivating musical extravaganza. The single starts with intriguing synth sounds and then the vocals by AKLOCO take us on a stunning journey. The beats and the vocals blend amazingly. The arrangement itself is distinct and enthralling.

However, the unique aspect of this single is AKLOCO’s fascinating delivery. The raw, subtle and enchanting vocals invigorate us. The melodic tones definitely appeal and are alluring too. AKLOCO is a wizard of melodies and harmonies! And a truly self-expressive artist.

Other notable songs by the artist are Over Again and To the Lungs.

The London-based songwriter, rapper, and music producer AKLOCO has a lot to offer. His debut single Intro Up was released in 2017. And since then he has been slowly carving a niche of his own. With a clear, deep and interesting blend of varying musicality, he seems to serve the listeners with evocative music! The rare and captivating melodic tones are his unique asset. Music lovers would absolutely be keen on hearing a full-fledged EP album from this talented artist.


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