San Diego based artist Aleister releases a new single ‘Life Line’ to raise awareness about mental health

Aleister Life Line

Jukebox Times is sharing an exclusive piece of news about artist Aleister. The San Diego based artist has released a new single titled “Life Line” specifically to raise awareness about mental health.

Aleister Life Line

The single starts with riveting beats and powerful delivery by Aleister. The melodic tones are stunning. Whereas, the arrangement is truly prolific. Aleister sounds distinct and passionately delivers the message in this single. Overall, it is an inspiring single with captivating music and would surely help to increase awareness about mental health.

Other notable songs by the artist are Woah and Hurt Me.

Speaking about his inspiration behind this single, Aleister said, “I want to help use the tiny platform that I have to bring awareness on how malignant Suicide impacts us Active Duty and to those of Veteran status.”

He further adds, “The stigma is very sad and there’s not a lot of help and or prevention in those that do seek that path.”

About the artist: Aleister is an Alternative Artist based in San Diego, CA. His new single “Life Line” was released on the 10th of September and is currently streaming on all major music streaming services.

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