Larry Mindel is back on the scene with a brand new single: Whisper The World Away

June 2021 – Larry Mindel is an artist and songwriter who managed to set his sights to a higher goal: making music that could transcend barriers and genre definitions, in order to achieve some deeper soundscapes. The introduction is absolutely spellbinding, with a soothing ambient drone interacting with the acoustic guitar tones. In addition to that, the string section is absolutely mesmerizing, matching the emotional depth of Larry’s vocals.

Whisper The World Away stands out as a fitting introduction to Larry Mindel’s work, because it combines his love for great melodies with a beautiful lyrical narrative. The songwriting is honest and personal and it’s so easy to relate to Larry Mindel’s genuine emotions and feelings. Fans of artists such as Neil Young, Paul McCartney, and Elliott Smith are certainly going to appreciate Larry Mindel’s nuanced sound and distinctive sonic vision. Whisper The World Away is a gripping song that feels incredibly dynamic and distinctive, giving way to the artist’s imagination, and telling a beautiful story, not only through lyrics, but also through many beautiful sonic textures.

Larry Mindel

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