Artist Dosey releases his second single ‘Love Myself’

Love Myself Dosey

It looks like the new week has begun. Following the release of Sunday morning, Love Myself is Dosey’s second single to hit all platforms as this acoustic folk singer songwriter ballad takes over. Taking the trials and tribulations of heartbreak and turning them into self realization that only by loving yourself can you truly start to evolve and grow and develop as a person artist entrepreneur or whatever it is you’re seeking after, Dosey encompases this feeling with his clever narrative and keeps the listener hyper focused with his addicting melodies and comforting acoustics. Produced by multi-talented artist Joshua Apple, both “Sunday Morning” and “Love Myself” have been fine-tuned to their current state through extensive, unique mixing strategies and methods. These two are on fire with the work they have been putting out together, with Joshua bringing in tons of instrumentation and production value experience gathered from years of playing music in Bands, with Artists and of course, on his own time since he was a kid.

Much like prior records, “Love Myself” is yet another story that truly embodies the feelings and emotions that come with watching somebody you love go on with their life and make the decisions that they were going to make regardless, because not only is it out of your control, but you haven’t learned how to love yourself yet. With “Sunday Morning”, Dosey’s first single, we discover heartbreak through loss with no real closure, that is where “Love Myself” comes in 6 years later and helps close that chapter so we can all evolve. “And if it’s all just in my head, I hope you’re happy somewhere else. I wish that it was me instead, I guess I’ll have to Love Myself.” Shows the pains and realizations described earlier, which end up being the ultimate lesson and epiphany Dosey has come to yet. The message left with is simple and effective as ever. Love Yourself!


Available for streaming on all platforms, you can find Dosey simply by searching the unique word into any search bar, unless the urban dictionary definition fits your character more than you think. With over 30 songs and demos on Soundcloud for streaming, you can run through Dosey’s discography to find tracks like “Crash and Burn” which date all the way back to 2015, to tracks like “Love Myself”.

All social platforms linked below are frequently used to keep fans updated with content from various photoshoots, behind-the-scenes music videos and all other content in between. Give it all the scope and make sure to keep an eye on this bay area native as it all begins to flourish this summer is going to be one crazy one that’s for sure.


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Artist photo by @shotsbyfrancis

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