Feature: Deranged the Insane’s single ‘Don’t you think I’m handsome’

Deranged the Insane

Jukebox Times is today sharing a wonderful track from the artist Deranged the Insane. It is titled “Don’t you think I’m handsome” and is part of his album Being Myself.

The single starts with a stunning synth sound with Deranged the Insane singing “Don’t you think I’m handsome.” After that the track takes us on enthralling journey with riveting beats and powerful arrangement. The wordplay and delivery by Deranged the Insane is distinct and passionate. The melodic tones are exquisite and marvelous.

Overall, Deranged the Insane delivers an irresistible EP. Other notable tracks in the album are Mama I love you, Do Something, My Past and many more gripping tracks.

About the artist: Born in Panama City and raised in the Deep South within the state of Georgia, Rapper Deranged the Insane is simply talented. With his ability to make songs that interest all kinds of music lovers, he started nurturing his talent while he was only a teenager. Before he decided to step into music as a solo artist, Deranged began to rap in a group called Killah South. When you listen to his rap style and art, be sure to envision the full version of himself.

“Being Myself,” was released on July 19th, 2021 and is currently streaming on all major music streaming websites.

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