Review: Swerve N Switch (Lanes Freestyle) by artist Comatose Red Ivy

Jukebox Times is today reviewing the track “Swerve N Switch (Lanes Freestyle)” from the EP album MEEKIKKIR: A Flower Not a House by artist Comatose Red Ivy.

Comatose Red Ivy

The music production is marvelous in “Swerve N Switch (Lanes Freestyle)”. Whereas the freestyle Rap by Comatose Red Ivy is riveting. The delivery is quite unique yet very passionate. The intro starts with storytelling by the artist. And then the beats enter in and the track goes into a full-on powerful delivery by Comatose Red Ivy.

The overall vibe in the track and the music are quite distinct and different. Artist Comatose Red Ivy has a remarkable quality of spontaneous delivery and singing!

Comatose Red Ivy

The EP Album MEEKIKKIR: A Flower Not a House is currently streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.



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