Featured: Artist and famous Nigerian-American Filmmaker Realmannyg!

Jukebox Times is today featuring the wonderful artist and famous Nigerian-American Filmmaker Realmannyg also known as Emmanuel Olowe. He has an amazing passion for music and produces his own beats. His notable tracks are UNIVERSE 4, Afterlife and Extranjero Papi Intro.


Extranjero Papi Intro is a subtle single with stunning beats. The overall vibe is quite exquisite. Whereas UNIVERSE 4 is a riveting single with a powerful structure. The arrangement is unique with extraordinary sounds and it definitely captivates the listener. Afterlife (our favorite track!) is a mind-blowing track with a mesmerizing melodic structure. And it takes us on a fascinating journey for sure! Realmannyg’s music is distinct and quite incredible.

Realmannyg plans to release an EP by the end of this summer. We highly recommend his music as it definitely showcases his sheer passion and mastery over music production.

About the artist: Emmanuel Olowe also known as Realmannyg is a Nigerian-American producer and writer originally from Houston, Texas. Olowe began his entertainment career in 2012 as an assistant in the short documentary Bury The Sky and since then has produced over 10 films. 

For details about future releases check the artist and his official YouTube channel:


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