Exclusive: Artist Icy Narco’s new single ‘Stress’

Jukebox Times is today reviewing the new single by artist Icy Narco. It is titled “Stress” and is a unique musical extravaganza. The single starts with riveting guitars and then the vocals by Icy Narco takes us on a marvelous journey.

 The arrangement is extremely well-balanced. Whereas the melody is the main asset of this single. It totally grips us from the start till the end. Also, Icy Narco has a unique tone and sounds quite amazing. The throbbing power in his voice along with his passionate energy enthralls us. Overall, the rhythms and guitar blend well. Truly, it is an enigmatic mix of Rock, Pop and Hip Hop! And fans are definitely gonna love this treat from the artist and are going to await new releases from him.

About the artist: Icy Narco is known for his hits like “Numb & Frozen” and “Link” which garnered over 22 million Spotify and SoundCloud streams to date. Recently, Icy partnered with Mo Brown, CEO of Terrible Children Entertainment to establish his own label and management company, “Frozen Family Inc.” The two will run the company together which will house the Frozen Family label, as well as other projects in the works.


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