Dr. Seth Gaona-Ballester: A musician and a doctor!

Dr. Seth Gaona-Ballester

Like most of us growing up, our parents continuously stress how important education is and push us to become either doctors or lawyers. This was the same case for Seth Gaona-Ballester, as both his mom and dad are professors with doctorates and multiple master’s degrees, he knew the educational route was his only option. After high school, it took Seth 7 years to become a doctor of physical therapy.

During that graduation weekend however, he still felt like there was still a huge void to be filled in his life. Seth has always had a passion for electronic music and throughout his studies he would find time to create edits or remixes to his favorite songs while also DJing small house parties on the weekends. Seth soon realized after graduating that producing music and DJing was his true passion and decided to pursue music full-time while only working around 2 hours in the morning as a doctor. Soon after this major decision was made, Seth started producing and releasing original music and official remixes reaching over 1 million streams throughout all platforms leading to performances in Egypt, Spain, Morocco, Turkey, and Thailand.

Dr. Seth Gaona-BallesterDoctor by Day’s message is simple: “Always follow your dreams no matter what people may think or say, because there is no amount of money or prestigious titles that will lead you to true happiness”.

His recent track “Hey Jude” was dedicated to his mom on her birthday as a thank you for always trying her best to guide him towards the correct path in life while also being very supportive throughout the way.

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