AFG Muzik giving a platform to artists to share their music!

Jukebox Times is today featuring a record label owned by Sean Elliott known as “AFG Muzik” aka All For God Muzik. The label provides a wonderful platform for artists across the United States to share their music and voice.

All For God Muzik has released an album titled “AFG Muzik Vol. 1” “FRESH” and “HYPE 4 CHRIST.” The last two albums were created with ministry and Christian Label Sick Minded.

The label All For God Muzik is inspired by the gospel of Jesus Christ. It reflects and provides a transformation of negative memories into positive ones.

Sean Elliott who owns the label AFG Muzik was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He served in prison for 7 years and decided to make a change in the community resulting in his new endeavor titled “AFG Muzik.” However, initially, it was named “Everything for God” but later he changed it to “All For God Muzik.”

The label has grown marvelously and oversees several artists from across the United States.

Check out this link for available services from All For God Muzik: Services by AFG Muzik

Official Website: allforgodmuzik.com

For further details visit: https://linktr.ee/Afgmuzik

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