Exclusive: Artist Cole Vining’s new single “I Knew” out now!

Cole Vining

The artist Cole Vining releases a new single, ‘I Knew,” on all platforms as of February 24th, 2023. After his single ‘You’re On My Mind Now,” released on July 22nd, 2022, Cole continues with his indie sound.

Cole’s recent release makes a sort of feel-better song after his album ‘Minor Sins,” an album with a very different approach and sound than his recent songs.

Cole’s recent song speaks to the youth crowd with more of a beachy feel to it and pop song lyrics. He begins the song by talking about crying in his car, then proceeds to miss someone and sings about the times they used to have.

Cole wants to ‘only release music,” as he told reporters, and ‘continue to pursue music’ for years to come. Cole wants to release more music like this one and says he wants a ‘Summer Vibe’ to it all.

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