Ellie Grace Drops Melancholic Ballad ‘Better Off Alone’

Ellie Grace

Ellie Grace has recently released a fantastic new studio single, which is titled “Better Off Alone.” This song is deeply rooted in the aesthetics of modern pop, but there is also more to it than that. The instrumental offers some catchy vibes, but there are also many lush ambient textures, courtesy of the beautifully reverberated guitars and synth pads.

Vocally too, the song follows a similar route, shifting from dark and delicate lines to anthemic and iconic anthems that sounds like statements of independents and personal freedom. From vocals to instrumentals, everything seems to be a great fit within the arrangement, and Ellie worked to create a lot of consistency between the quality of the production and the edge of her performance on this amazing studio work, which is expressive as much as it is catchy.

Ellie Grace

Find out more about Ellie Grace, and do find Better Off Alone on your streaming platform of choice. This one definitely deserves your undivided attention if you are a fan of artists such as Daughter, Francis Moon, Halsey or Ellie Goulding…

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