“Making music and performing feels like the soul’s cure” – Artist Nowexist


Nowexist- Born in New Orleans, has been busy creating new music that is a mix of jazz, funk, and rock. Currently, launching herself full-force into musicianship she is a new artist to look out for.

Her name is something she came up with one day to put herself in the moment and live like now is the only time.

“Growing up, my mom had old records and a record player in the living room. I would play the records then write and memorize the lyrics. I loved singing along. I performed in school talent shows, but I wasn’t ever very confident in my singing skills. When I got older and Hip Hop became mainstream, I thought how amazing it is that people were able to express themselves in another way besides singing and then I knew I wanted to make music.”

Starting her musical career in Hip Hop she has since found herself singing more and not limiting her music to one genre. She previously performed and recorded under the name Emcee Roah.

“Making music and performing feels like the soul’s cure,” continues the musician, who draws inspiration from the likes of Prince and Betty Davis with a unique voice that is deeper than many other female singers — presenting a combination of soul-baring lyrics and life anthems. “Put your emotions to good use.” she said when asked what would she say to inspire others.

Check out Nowexist’s recent single, “Trouble on the other line.”

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