DRAKExTAYLOR’s new EP “Forever (Miss Me With That) [The Remixes]


Jukebox Times is today featuring artist DRAKExTAYLOR’s riveting new EP. It is titled Forever (Miss Me With That) and comprises stunning remixes of his track Forever. We got a special sneak peek into the EP and were amazed by the sheer unconventional and dynamic tonal sounds utilized in it. The tracks are sprinkled with nuances of arrangement that are pretty distinct. Add to that the experimental vocal that allures and entices the listener. Overall, slightly discrete yet scintillating the EP showcases the creativity ingrained in the artist. The tracks also use unique R&B Vocal Stacking Techniques and many hidden harmonies tucked into the mix.


“I was trying to make something iconic and memorable to make people lose all brain cells while healing their spirits.” – DRAKExTAYLOR.

The EP is now streaming on major music streaming services.

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