J.T. Hiskey Was Featured on Jimmy Fallon, And What This Means For His Career

Up and coming artist JT Hiskey, a Utah native with an impressive and full of potential career got a shout out on Jimmy Fallon hosted Tonight Show in 2018 praising his album “Love” during Fallon’s upcoming music segment.

“Love” was recorded earlier in 2018

With the confidence boost from the late-night host Hiskey, and after an issue with the original record went back to the studio to make a pop-punk remix of the titular song “Love” and with the success of the song he is bringing the pop-punk sound to Salt Lake City from his more traditional hip-hop influences he started his career with. He is back on stage with an electric guitar rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” along with a new version of his song “You’re my world”.

Receiving good reception with his songs, fun and entertaining music videos, and his very warm interactions with fans at his shows, this young man has a very bright future ahead of him with more songs, more videos, and bigger collaborations as he continues to rock the stage in Utah and even farther with time.

Watch the video for “Love” here:



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