How did @UnlimitedLeezy become a Instagram Star?


Instagram helped him grow his fan base and build relationships with brands. Leezy is currently rumored to be working on an album and music video, so we will stay tuned to see what he drops next. Leezy performed with some of the biggest music stars in the music industry and even went live with Platinum Record Artist/Actor/Host Bow Wow! Leezy (@UnlimitedLeezy) gained a big following for consistently posting, starting trends, and dropping music.

Leezy is an upcoming Instagram Influencer and Music Artist. He first got his start in 2016 releasing songs like “Wind It” & “Flex On My Ex”. Before you know it Leezy’s music was going viral and landing him songs with artists signed to major record labels. After networking and gaining more connections in the the music industry him and Team Unlimited were able to break down some of the doors into the music industry.

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