Globally Renowned Mystic Stephen Shaw Unveils New Bestselling Book “Divine Love”

Stephen Shaw

Globally Renowned Mystic, Shaman, Tantra Master and Spiritual Life Coach Stephen Shaw has written 12 bestselling life-changing books. Divine Love is a book that awakens radical and profound transformation. Divine Love is a book about authenticity and intimacy; a guide on how to truly live. It’s not about chasing heavens out there; instead, it’s about creating a slice of heaven on Earth. Bringing raw, real, deep Divine Love to your Here Now.

Divine Love Chapter Titles: You Are A Bouquet Of Qualities, Positivity And Gratitude, Curiosity And Open-Mindedness, Mindfulness And Presence, Need Fulfilment, Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance, Authenticity, and Boundaries, Being Vulnerable, Deep Connections, Healthy Relationships, Intimacy, Forgiveness, Loving-Kindness, Generosity, Legacy, Awakening.

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Shaw studied Psychology at university, and also completed numerous post-graduate diplomas in a variety of healing modalities, including hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming. However, he became frustrated by the slow change he was witnessing in clients. At 39 years old, he gave up his therapy practice and home, and travelled the world for 10 years. His goal was to seek out the most powerful healers and teachers across the planet. Shaw unveiled common threads behind the healing work of advanced Tibetan lamas, Peruvian shamans, Tantra masters and other esoteric teachers. He then combined all the profound teachings from around the world with his own deep understanding of psychology and human nature, and wrote 12 life-changing spiritual books.

Stephen Shaw: Bestselling Author of 12 Life-Changing Spiritual Books

 “My ten novels and two life guides are deeply spiritual and mystical,” said Shaw. “However, they also contain highly pragmatic life teachings. Topics covered in my books include meditation, spiritual alignment, consciousness catalysts, resonance shifting, multi-dimensional awareness, soul mates and soul tribes, relationship skills, chakras, energy fields, Tantra, Kundalini, and paths to Awakening and Enlightenment.”

Stephen Shaw

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