Exclusive: Singer-songwriter Ethan Gontar talks about his new songs “Say Goodbye” and “Forever”!

Ethan Gontar

Ethan Gontar is an Israel based musician, producer, and singer-songwriter who primarily records covers and original songs with a strong foundation in acoustic folk, and electro-pop styles.

Ethan Gontar was born on May 17, 1996, in Nahariya, Israel, and grew up in Acre. Gontar learned how to play the piano at age 6, and started to play the guitar at age 11.

“I’m from Israel, and most of the songs I create are acoustic folk style, electro-pop and cover songs. I’m also composing original classical trailer music which includes a full orchestra, and a piano leading the track. I really want to find a way to combine all this.” – Ethan Gontar.


This song was written about a real case that happened with Ethan. Although the song has a good and happy vibe, the meaning of the song is sad and painful.

He further comments, “The song is about this girl I met on a trip, which lasted about 3 days. On this trip, we did exactly what is described in the song. Together under the stars at night, we connected terribly, even though we both come from different worlds, as described in the song. Different worlds? I mean a different religion. We had a very strong connection, the connection continued after the trip, but as described in the song, it did not last long.”

“In the song, you can see all sorts of memories from our meetings, like that time on the beach, when I thought it was probably a sign that we were meant to be together, but no. The very fact that we are from different worlds, it can not happen. Religion defeated love. The story is very sad, but I decided to go for a happy and catchy bit, because thanks to all this, “Say Goodbye” was born.”

About his other song Forever he said, “Well, this song is about our life, how it can be both unclear and magic. All the choices we made are because we have been there to choose. Over and over again. We are always directing our lives like a movie. We are where we are because of those choices.”

He further adds, “With the time, we are understanding that we don’t want to get older, we all wanna live forever, well, most of us. At least me, ha! I know that I will be young forever on my soul, and every time, I ask myself, do we think about how we could always live forever?”

Talking about his future plans he said, “We plan to create new stuff, also make some new cover versions, travel around the world and try to capture the best frames for us. I plan to do more collaborations, some of them are already known, and some are still unknown. Smile to the world and the world will smile back.”

“I want to say thank you very much for hosting me, I hope to come here again with new things in the future.” – Ethan Gontar.

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